Coding and Mathematics

In Mathematics this week in 3/4G, groups set off with Sphero to solve differentiated measurement related tasks. Tasks were built around displaying knowledge of units of measurement, perimeter and area. Collaboration was important with lots of discussion being had between students and trial and error used to problem solve.

image (2) image (3) image (4) image



Digital Technologies in 3/4


Over the past few days 3/4G have been using a robot called Sphero in their Mathematics lessons. The task was to create a program that somehow displayed the multiplication tables that the students were working on. The students programmed Sphero to change colours, jump and move depending on the different answers to their multiplication tables.

We have been integrating coding and robotics throughout the curriculum to promote different ways of thinking and different ways to solve problems.

Thank you to the fundraising committee for providing money to buy the robots so that we can further promote coding and robotics into the curriculum at Bell Primary School!


File_005 File_004 File_002 File_006 File_001

BIFF productions are well under way!

Students in 3/4 A and E are under way with their productions.

Whether it be working on scripts and writing scenes…….IMG_0006

or storyboarding… IMG_0008 IMG_0010

….or practising lines…

IMG_0011 IMG_0012

….or even drawing up settings and thinking about what props will be needed…IMG_0013

…. students are working well in their teams and groups to get their jobs done, in preparation for filming.

Grade 4 Camp

The second Grade 4 camp to Maldon is underway! After arriving safely around lunch the students got organised, selecting their bikes and getting the cabins organised. We all went on a lovely afternoon ride, seeing some of the back tracks Maldon has to offer before reaching the BMX track. The students are now tackling the obstacle course before getting ready for a delicious dinner.





Today was really awesome – Isabella
It’s been fun riding my bike – Raymond
It was amazing – Poppy
Riding on the roads was awesome – Angus

Simple Machines Incursion

The 3/4 students have been looking at physical science in Term 2 & were lucky enough to have a visit from Mad About Science this week. The focus of the incursion was simple machines. The students looked at the 6 different types of simple machines (can you name them?) and completed a number of hands on interactive activities to do with each. The students also built their understanding of compound machines!

3D solid fun!

Over the last couple of weeks, students in 3/4A have been learning about 3-dimensional solids in Maths, following our study of 2D shapes and polygons. We have been looking in detail at the properties of each 3D solid.  Each solid can be described by how many faces, vertices and edges they each have. We have also discussed lines such as perpendicular and parallel, and how in ‘prisms’, lines are mostly parallel.

Students had fun putting their learning into a hands-on practical way but building their own 3d mock ups of solids out of toothpicks, fruit skewers and mini marshmallows.

IMG_0598 IMG_0599IMG_0600 IMG_0601 IMG_0603 IMG_0604 IMG_0605 IMG_0606 IMG_0607 IMG_0608 IMG_0609 IMG_0611 IMG_0612 IMG_0613 IMG_0614

A variety of solids were made: including cubes, rectangular prisms (also known as cuboids), square based pyramids and cubes. Lots of laughs were had in this session; they thoroughly enjoyed building their shapes. They had to exercise so much self control not to eat the marshmallows before it was time to!

IMG_0615 IMG_0616 IMG_0618

Of course their hard work and patience paid off in the end where they got to eat all the left over marshmallows!


The girls were particularly proud of their constructions, posing for a photo with their creations before they ate them!

Students in 3/4E have been investigating 2D and 3D shapes over the past few weeks.

They have been busy constructing 3D shapes using a variety of nets and had a go at building their own 3 dimensional shape using icy-pole sticks.  Here are a couple of photographs of some of our students building 3D prisms or pyramids while they try to identify the number of edges, vertices and faces their object has.

3/4A stop motion

In the 3/4A classroom, students have been immersing themselves in the experimentation phase, trying out different modes of the planning and production processes of film making.

Last week students had a go at drawing up and creating story boards to prepare them to create a short animation. They worked in small groups to draw up one short scene.

image2 (2) image4 (2)

They then created their ‘set’  or backdrop.

image1 (3) image3 (2)

Then they got to ‘filming’. Something that they learned about the stop motion process was that they had to keep the camera complete still and stagnant whilst capturing individual images. They also realised that for each movement they made with their ‘subject/ character’, it would look most effective if they took 5-6 images for each movement made.

image5 image2 image1 (2) image3 image4

3/4A creating music

Today our ICT ‘guru’ Andrew Williamson has come into our classroom to coach the students to create music using the ipad app ‘Garage Band’.

When it comes time to create their short films for the BIFF, students may choose to add sound effects or music that can be single or multi-layered to their films. As we are still in the experimental phase, students are working on building their skills in areas that will assist them later on in the filming, production and editing phases.

image1 image2 (3) image3 (3)

The kids are having lots of fun and much laughter can be heard in the room at the moment!!