3/4E launches into learning about Living Things

During this term’s Science Inquiry unit, our students have been very busy investigating and exploring language, concepts and skills surrounding Biological Sciences. They have been exposed to various texts, documentaries and short video clips to ascertain their knowledge on concepts such as habitats, life cycles, food chains, and adaptations that plants and animals use for survival.

The overarching key understandings / ideas that students have focused on in this unit are that:

  • Living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves
  • Living things can be grouped on the basis of observable features and can be distinguished from non-living things
  • Living things have life cycles
  • Living things, including plants and animals, depend on each other and the environment to survive

All students chose an animal from the zoo and formed questions to guide them in their investigation. They based their questions on the above ideas and embarked on their own research and development of information which they have been working very hard on to put together in recent weeks.

Here are some books that we created.  Click on the link which should direct you to our investigations

ring-tailed-lemurs – Ring Tailed Lemurs by Hana

red-panda-booklet – by Isabelle

Chimps – Chimpanzees by Maggie


Red Kneed Tarantula – by Leo

Leo’s Tarantula

Regent Honey Eater and Brown Snake – by Angus and Otto

Otto and Angus – Brown Snake and Honeyeater presentation

Southern Corroborree Frog – By Thomas

Thomas – Southern Corroborree Frog doco



Movember Day!

On Friday the 25th of November, we will be having a fundraiser for men’s health called Movember. It will be a gold coin donation don’t forget to wear a moustache for the day, you can draw one on yourself or you can buy a fake one from a shop.



Over the past few weeks 3/4G students have been creating ‘Zines’, their very own magazines which cover topics of their choice. They have included many different text types and games and puzzles to match! You can view our Zines in the library on the top shelf to the left as you walk in. Read exciting stories such as ‘Super Knot Man’, in ‘Knives, Knots and Knighttime stories’, or how to make peanut butter dog biscuits in ‘Pomeranian Plus’.



Tea towels!

Tea Towels – now on sale!

The children have been very creative with their drawings this year. Each child has contributed to a class tea towel design around the theme of Bell Creative Minds.

Pre-order your Tea Towels through QKR! (preferred) or via the office,with a paper form that you can get by emailing the fundraising committee bellpsfundraising@gmail.com

Only $12 each. Orders due Friday 28th October.

Tea towels are great quality: 100% cotton, water based paint, local printer.













Mini Golf Competition

Our Mini Golf competition today was a great success, thank you to the supervisors and scorers from 3/4G and thank you to all of the students who came along and participated!

Our winner was the one they call The King!


Mini Golf

3/4G planned and created mini golf courses in Mathematics to explore the use of angles when building. They used protractors to make obstacles and even measured the required angles to putt the golf ball into the hole.

Next week we will be having a mini golf competition and have invited all 3/4 students to come and try our golf courses and even win some prizes.


Pyjama Day

Hi  3/4s guess what, it is pyjama day this Friday 16th  and everyone needs to come to school in their pyjamas. It is a gold coin donation so everyone please bring a dollar or two because all the money raised is going straight to Kids Undercover charity (homeless kids). It is a fabulous cause so make sure to bring some money and dress up in your pyjamas.

Ben Saccone  3/4G

Pyjama day!

Guess what?! It’s pyjama day on the last day of school! Wake up in the morning and just go to school without changing your clothes! I don’t think you need a  jacket for school when you have nice and warm pyjamas!

Please remind your children that this coming Friday 16th September on last day of term, they have to wear their pyjamas to school. Gold coin donation money goes Kids Undercover (homeless children).

By Ethan Ko


Book Club!

Small group bookclubs have been a major hit in 3/4DX this term. The students were given a range of books to preview and from that self-select the bookclub that they would like to be a part of. Bookclub is a great chance for students to share the journey of a story together and share feelings and experiences throughout. Being a part of a small bookclub allows students to connect with a book in a meaningful manner and create discussion and share thoughts around aspects of the book that are enabled through a shared experience.

‘I really enjoy bookclub – my book is quite sad at the moment’, Bella reading Wonder.

‘I’m really enjoying bookclub because everyone gets a chance to work together’, Nathaniel reading The Last of the Spirits.

‘I really enjoy booklcub because i like to share my predictions’, Winnie reading The Twits.

‘I think bookclub is a really fun way to find out what other people think about books’, Anine reading The Magic Finger.

‘Bookclub is a good way to read a book that i never knew existed and it opens up my mind to new ideas’, Freya reading Wonder.

‘I really like bookclub because the book of choice is really interesting’, Poppy reading Alice in Wonderland.

‘Book club is fun’, Sophie reading The Twits.