Werribee Zoo Excursion

On Tuesday the 22nd of November, the 34 cohort spent the day at Werribee Zoo. The excursion was part of our studies on Biological Sciences. Despite the not so great weather, the students (and adults) had a fantastic day. We piled onto the safari bus and saw what the whole zoo had to offer, seeing animals such as zebras, rhinos, giraffes and ostriches on our way. The students participated in an educational session about predator and prey relationships and came up close and personal with the meerkats. The 34 teachers would like to thank the parent helpers on the day and the rest of the adults who were prompt and efficient with permission forms.

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‘I liked walking around and seeing the meerkats being fed’ – Winnie

‘I really enjoyed going to the zoo, I saw some animals I hadn’t seen for years!’ – Freya

‘I liked seeing all the animals and they were very cute’ – Beck

‘It was great, I loved it’ – Josh

‘The Safari Tour was awesome – it was scary being so close to the rhino’ – Nathaniel

‘I liked the safari because we got to see lots of animals’ – Sarah

‘It was amazing and incredibly interactive’ – Poppy

‘I loved seeing the meerkats being fed’ – Caitlin

‘I liked seeing all the cute animals and going exploring’ – Abby

‘ It was fun and I liked exploring’ – Verity

Movember Day!

On Friday the 25th of November, we will be having a fundraiser for men’s health called Movember. It will be a gold coin donation don’t forget to wear a moustache for the day, you can draw one on yourself or you can buy a fake one from a shop.


Book Club!

Small group bookclubs have been a major hit in 3/4DX this term. The students were given a range of books to preview and from that self-select the bookclub that they would like to be a part of. Bookclub is a great chance for students to share the journey of a story together and share feelings and experiences throughout. Being a part of a small bookclub allows students to connect with a book in a meaningful manner and create discussion and share thoughts around aspects of the book that are enabled through a shared experience.

‘I really enjoy bookclub – my book is quite sad at the moment’, Bella reading Wonder.

‘I’m really enjoying bookclub because everyone gets a chance to work together’, Nathaniel reading The Last of the Spirits.

‘I really enjoy booklcub because i like to share my predictions’, Winnie reading The Twits.

‘I think bookclub is a really fun way to find out what other people think about books’, Anine reading The Magic Finger.

‘Bookclub is a good way to read a book that i never knew existed and it opens up my mind to new ideas’, Freya reading Wonder.

‘I really like bookclub because the book of choice is really interesting’, Poppy reading Alice in Wonderland.

‘Book club is fun’, Sophie reading The Twits.


ICT Everywhere!

The students in 3/4DX have enjoyed using the new Chrome Books and iPads as part of their learning. The ICT has been implemented into writing, reading, maths lessons and of course BIFF. ICT allows for an innovative and engaging approach to learning, allowing students to go beyond the norms.


We look foward to contuning to utilise ICT in the classroom and the wonderful learning opportunities it brings.

‘I liked researaching for information and finding out more about things I didn’t know’ – Delia

Grade 4 Camp

The second Grade 4 camp to Maldon is underway! After arriving safely around lunch the students got organised, selecting their bikes and getting the cabins organised. We all went on a lovely afternoon ride, seeing some of the back tracks Maldon has to offer before reaching the BMX track. The students are now tackling the obstacle course before getting ready for a delicious dinner.





Today was really awesome – Isabella
It’s been fun riding my bike – Raymond
It was amazing – Poppy
Riding on the roads was awesome – Angus

Simple Machines Incursion

The 3/4 students have been looking at physical science in Term 2 & were lucky enough to have a visit from Mad About Science this week. The focus of the incursion was simple machines. The students looked at the 6 different types of simple machines (can you name them?) and completed a number of hands on interactive activities to do with each. The students also built their understanding of compound machines!

Bike Camp #1

The Grade 4’s have had a fun filled first day at camp. After arriving safely, the students organised their rooms before getting their bikes fitted and taking to the tracks. They are all having a wonderful time – and have been troopers after being greeted with a downpour mid ride this afternoon!
A few fun games this evening before heading off to bed for an early night.





Riding in the rain was fun – Josh
I got soaked in the rain, it was so fun – Max
It has been an awesome day and I have loved it – Tom H
I liked going over the mounds at the bike track – Ben
I loved the bike riding on the dirt track – Caspian

Grade 4 Bike Education

The Grade 4 Bike Education Program is well underway with the students participating in both theoretical and practical sessions. The students have learnt a range of skills such as braking, scanning & signalling that will enable them to ride safely on the road. During the theory sessions the students have gone through different scenarios that can occur on a bike or on the road and how to navigate through them safely. The students road knowledge and bike skills have significantly increased over the program and will be able to utilise these skills on the upcoming Maldon camp.

A big thank you to the people at home who have helped get their students bike to school every Tuesday – next week ( 31st May) will be the last day of Bike Education for the term.

Family Life Visit #2

The 3/4’s are in the middle of their second family life visit. This session is focusing on the body and the different parts of the body.

The students were involved in shared reading session, where they read the book, ‘What’s the Big Secret?’ The students were exposed to the correct terminology in regards to body parts and completed an activity where they had to match the body parts to the correct words.

The students handled themselves in a very mature manner once again – a fantastic session!

The students will have a ‘my story’ homework task to complete before the next session.

I learnt some new words for body parts – Odin

It was really interesting to learn new things about our bodies – Isabella

It was nice to learn new things! – Mia

Family Life visit the 3/4’s

Today was the first session of Family Life for some of the Grade 3/4 students. The students will be part of three sessions over the coming weeks. The sessions will focus on three different concepts: family, our body and babies.

The students discussed what family means to them and explored different ways a family can be made up.

All students were eager to be involved in the discussion and participated in the session in a very mature manner.

I liked how we learnt about peoples lives can be different as a child or an adult – Lucas

I enjoyed how we spoke about different types of families and how they can be made up in different ways – Cooper

It was fun doing the brainstorm about what a family is – Kyan

We are already looking forward to the next session!