34E and 34A showcase afternoon – Living Things!


A huge thank you to the parents/grandparents and friends of students in Grade 3/4E and 3/4A who visited our classrooms to celebrate our student’s work.

What a wonderful way to showcase the efforts of all of our class members who have worked hard producing dioramas, documentaries (using iMovie), booklets and mobiles on their chosen habitat and animal during our studies of Living Things!

We hope that you enjoyed your afternoon in our rooms.



3/4E launches into learning about Living Things

During this term’s Science Inquiry unit, our students have been very busy investigating and exploring language, concepts and skills surrounding Biological Sciences. They have been exposed to various texts, documentaries and short video clips to ascertain their knowledge on concepts such as habitats, life cycles, food chains, and adaptations that plants and animals use for survival.

The overarching key understandings / ideas that students have focused on in this unit are that:

  • Living things grow, change and have offspring similar to themselves
  • Living things can be grouped on the basis of observable features and can be distinguished from non-living things
  • Living things have life cycles
  • Living things, including plants and animals, depend on each other and the environment to survive

All students chose an animal from the zoo and formed questions to guide them in their investigation. They based their questions on the above ideas and embarked on their own research and development of information which they have been working very hard on to put together in recent weeks.

Here are some books that we created.  Click on the link which should direct you to our investigations

ring-tailed-lemurs – Ring Tailed Lemurs by Hana

red-panda-booklet – by Isabelle

Chimps – Chimpanzees by Maggie


Red Kneed Tarantula – by Leo

Leo’s Tarantula

Regent Honey Eater and Brown Snake – by Angus and Otto

Otto and Angus – Brown Snake and Honeyeater presentation

Southern Corroborree Frog – By Thomas

Thomas – Southern Corroborree Frog doco



Students in 3/4E have been investigating 2D and 3D shapes over the past few weeks.

They have been busy constructing 3D shapes using a variety of nets and had a go at building their own 3 dimensional shape using icy-pole sticks.  Here are a couple of photographs of some of our students building 3D prisms or pyramids while they try to identify the number of edges, vertices and faces their object has.

3/4E launches into BIFF (pre-production)

With the Bell Film Festival drawing closer, students in Grade 3/4E have been investigating the different roles involved in creating television shows/screen plays.

We have been learning about the many different roles cast and crew undertake during the pre-production, production and post-production stages of filming.  We even learnt that sound effects are actually edited into our favourite television programs once filming has been completed by someone named a Foley artist!!!!  There are so many odd-jobs that the backstage crew are responsible for that we didn’t even know about.

Our class now begins to work together as a team to create the script to our very own short film which we will share with you all during the Bell Interactive Film Festival.

We can’t wait to share our ideas with you.  We can’t say too much – we are keeping it a Mister E for now.





I wonder how these toys move?

Students in 34E and 34A have launched into studies of Physical Science over the past fortnight.

We have come to an understanding that nothing moves on it’s own and we have been investigating basic forces such as push and pull.

But how do some of our favourite toys move?  As part of our scientific investigations during this term, we are beginning to ask those big questions relating to physical sciences. How do things get from one place to another?  What else do they need to get them to operate with ease?  We have started to look at the types of simple machines that exist to make everyday objects move.  By participating in a variety of investigative tasks; we are gaining an understanding that simple machines such as levers, pulleys, inclined planes, wedges, screws and the wheel and axle make work easier for us by allowing us to push or pull over long distances. 

Take a look at some of our images below to see some of  the students in our learning environments trying to figure out how some of our favourite toys work.


Contraction Surgery


Students in 3/4 E have been putting their ‘examination’ skills to the test and examining a variety of contractions used in our everyday language.

“We have learnt that contractions are formed when we place two words together to create a shorter word” – Otto

We have learnt that apostrophes are used in place of certain letters – Thomas

Apostrophes are used commonly in informal speaking and writing situations – Ivy

I’ve = I have

don’t = do not

he’s = he is

she’ll = she will

you’d = you would or you had etc

Take a look at some of our photographs from the examination room to get a better idea of the fun that we had whilst we were examining words




Our very own Festival of Colours

Grade 3/4E ‘Celebrate festivals around the world’

Here are some of the great craft activities that students in Grade 3/4 E constructed to compliment their spoken presentations on festivals/celebrations around the world.


Pierogi (Polish Dumplings) and Babka cake – celebrating a Polish Christmas


‘Celebrate good times – come on’

What a way to cap off our year!


During Term 4, Grade 3/4 students have had the chance to investigate different festivals and celebrations around the world.

Celebrations are held for a variety of purposes.

-They could be religious (Easter, Christmas, Ramadan/Eid)

Cultural (Kwanzaa, Hannukah, Diwali, Australia Day)

event specific (Womens Day, Valentine’s Day, International Yoga Day)

We have had heaps of fun investigating some significant celebrations and festivals held around the world (as well as some weird and wacky ones).

To support our spoken presentations next week, we have been busy planning, designing and producing products to our specific celebration of investigation.

Here are some images of students in our class getting creative!

Financial Literacy in 3/4E – BIG SPENDERS!

We’re wrapping up our ‘money’ unit in our grade by splurging on some essential items needed for life!

Mr E has given us a specific amount of money and we all have different purposes to purchase a range of items on.

Ethan is going grocery shopping for Mr Emmanuel and is trying to use the catalogue to purchase healthy items only! 😉  Let’s see what he can find for $500.00

Maebh, Elizabeth and Tahlia have just purchased their own house. They have been given a $50, 000.00 budget to spend on furniture! Tom and Eve have even more money – $100, 000.00 to spend on furniture! WOW!

Ruby and Dean have been given $1000.00 each to spend on their mothers, Ivy and Abby are decorating the house for Christmas with a budget of $1000.00 each.

Students are thoroughly enjoyed participating in this task! Take a look at a few of our pics to see how we are spending our ‘money’