Wishing Tree 2016

3/4G decided this year to put aside a portion of their Secret Santa gift money and put it towards buying presents for the Wishing Tree Appeal. We wrapped the presents yesterday and they are now sitting snug under the wishing tree ready to be opened by someone who would not usually be able to open a gift on Christmas.
Thank you to 3/4G for being considerate and for thinking of others now and throughout the year.
We hope everyone has a wonderful end of year break.


Over the past few weeks 3/4G students have been creating ‘Zines’, their very own magazines which cover topics of their choice. They have included many different text types and games and puzzles to match! You can view our Zines in the library on the top shelf to the left as you walk in. Read exciting stories such as ‘Super Knot Man’, in ‘Knives, Knots and Knighttime stories’, or how to make peanut butter dog biscuits in ‘Pomeranian Plus’.



Mini Golf Competition

Our Mini Golf competition today was a great success, thank you to the supervisors and scorers from 3/4G and thank you to all of the students who came along and participated!

Our winner was the one they call The King!


Mini Golf

3/4G planned and created mini golf courses in Mathematics to explore the use of angles when building. They used protractors to make obstacles and even measured the required angles to putt the golf ball into the hole.

Next week we will be having a mini golf competition and have invited all 3/4 students to come and try our golf courses and even win some prizes.


Pyjama Day

Hi  3/4s guess what, it is pyjama day this Friday 16th  and everyone needs to come to school in their pyjamas. It is a gold coin donation so everyone please bring a dollar or two because all the money raised is going straight to Kids Undercover charity (homeless kids). It is a fabulous cause so make sure to bring some money and dress up in your pyjamas.

Ben Saccone  3/4G

Coding and Mathematics

In Mathematics this week in 3/4G, groups set off with Sphero to solve differentiated measurement related tasks. Tasks were built around displaying knowledge of units of measurement, perimeter and area. Collaboration was important with lots of discussion being had between students and trial and error used to problem solve.

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Digital Technologies in 3/4


Over the past few days 3/4G have been using a robot called Sphero in their Mathematics lessons. The task was to create a program that somehow displayed the multiplication tables that the students were working on. The students programmed Sphero to change colours, jump and move depending on the different answers to their multiplication tables.

We have been integrating coding and robotics throughout the curriculum to promote different ways of thinking and different ways to solve problems.

Thank you to the fundraising committee for providing money to buy the robots so that we can further promote coding and robotics into the curriculum at Bell Primary School!


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