Vy and Lani’s Inquiry

In 3/4m we have been focusing on the SDG goals for inquiry. Lani and Vy have been doing gender equality,it has been an amazing experience,they have been finding out how sad women in different countries live. They found a lot of  different donations that you can donate to. Please make a change now.

These are all the facts you need to know.

1.43% of the women in 28 European union member state experienced some form of violence.

2.More than 1 in 4 women in Washington have experienced some form of violence.

3.It’s estimated that 35% of women worldwide have experienced physical violence in their lives.

4.In some countries young girls before the age of 5 were cut.

5.In 2015 81 women died because of violence.

6.Same as in 2016 71 women died because of violence.

7.On the average 1 women a week gets murdered by their former or current partner.


he 3 types of violence.

Number 1 domestic violence it’s when anyone hurts you and it involves punching, hitting, throwing and kicking.

Number 2 is family violence it’s when your family or partner hurt you and it involves punching, slapping and pinching.

Number 3 is physical violence it’s when someone has a lot of power and force against you and they threaten you and it involves stabbing,choking and being burnt. Half of the man alive that did it say that they did that because they were on drugs, had a lot of alcohol or they have mental health issues.

Malala fund


Lani and Vy



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