Digital Technologies in 3/4


Over the past few days 3/4G have been using a robot called Sphero in their Mathematics lessons. The task was to create a program that somehow displayed the multiplication tables that the students were working on. The students programmed Sphero to change colours, jump and move depending on the different answers to their multiplication tables.

We have been integrating coding and robotics throughout the curriculum to promote different ways of thinking and different ways to solve problems.

Thank you to the fundraising committee for providing money to buy the robots so that we can further promote coding and robotics into the curriculum at Bell Primary School!


File_005 File_004 File_002 File_006 File_001

2 thoughts on “Digital Technologies in 3/4

  1. fantastic opportunities for lateral thinking and problem solving! thanks so much Daniel and team for making these options available for the the kids to explore 🙂

  2. Happy to see the kids have technological resources that will see them through into the future – long-term intellectual investment.

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