Grade 4 Camp

The second Grade 4 camp to Maldon is underway! After arriving safely around lunch the students got organised, selecting their bikes and getting the cabins organised. We all went on a lovely afternoon ride, seeing some of the back tracks Maldon has to offer before reaching the BMX track. The students are now tackling the obstacle course before getting ready for a delicious dinner.





Today was really awesome – Isabella
It’s been fun riding my bike – Raymond
It was amazing – Poppy
Riding on the roads was awesome – Angus

4 thoughts on “Grade 4 Camp

  1. Hello Campers!
    Maldon looks beautiful and dry!!
    Have a wonderful time

    Aeron Heffernan

  2. Thanks for the updates, Dylan. Looks like they’re having a ball.

  3. Oh wow! I wanna be on that camp. I love the peloton of orange vests.
    Cheers, Kristan Baker (Izzy’s Dad)

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